You deserve to live a life that honors your values & allows you to experience peace. Are you interested in strengthening your relationships? Do you have difficulty communicating with your partner?

Are you in a relationship that feels confusing or conflictual?  Are you experiencing trust issues? Are you having trouble moving beyond betrayal or infidelity?

Do you need support around transitioning out of a relationship or transitioning into a new relationship?

Are you adjusting to being a new parent & trying to find balance? Are you trying to have a baby and struggling to cope with stress, anxiety & frustration of infertility?

Perhaps you are a health care professional experiencing the same challenges, issues, and concerns that the rest of us are along with the most challenging time in your career?

No matter who you are or what you are going through I can help you restore balance in your life & find the peace you deserve.

“Healing means refusing to betray yourself for temporary comfort. Healing always begins with choosing what is healthiest for you.”-LaTonya P. Washington, LICSW, Founder of Changing Seasons Therapy & Consulting, LLC

I honor the uniqueness of each person that I work with & am intentional about using a holistic, mind-body approach. I believe in open, honest & direct communication between both of client and therapist as a model of what a healthy relationship is.

With my support you can enjoy stronger, healthier relationships & experience the peace that you deserve. You can also learn positive coping strategies for managing the stress that comes along with life transitions with confidence and a greater sense of control over your life.

Thank you for taking a brave first step. I am so glad you found me. Now the next & healthiest step you can take is scheduling your appointment!

Contact me today and let’s get to work! Take back control of your life & begin enjoying stronger, healthier & happier relationships.

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About LaTonya Washington

LaTonya is passionate about helping clients renew, restore, heal & rebuild their lives & relationships. 

LaTonya is dedicated to helping you learn how to cope with difficult, unexpected or unwanted life changes.


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